S&S TreeMasters

S&S TreeMasters


Tree Removal

There are many reasons that trees need to be removed. Sometimes the tree is healthy, but the lot needs to be cleared or sometimes the roots of the tree can even be causing damage to your property.

The tree may even be sickly or dead and could pose a significant threat to your property.  Affected trees can cause other plants and trees on the property to become sick or cause harm to other flora.  Sick and dead trees are also more likely to fall in a storm.

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 Standard Tree Removal

We remove smaller trees with a qualified team working quickly and safely. Whether it’s removing a dead tree, taking down a damaged or diseased tree, or hauling away a fallen trunk or branches, we’ll get the job done. We put that knowledge and expertise to work for you.


Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

Using a crane is a safe and effective way to remove large or unwieldy trees. Not only does it reduce the time spent removing the tree, it also leaves minimal impact on the surroundings. With the crane, we won’t need to fell the tree before cutting sections away. Instead, our team performs a controlled cut, removing sections with care and hauling them away.


Lot Clearing

Are you looking to build a home, camp, or business on your property? Lot clearing is the process of removing unwanted or excess vegetation and other materials from an area of land. It can be used to prepare land for a variety of purposes, including agricultural cropping, grazing systems, and residential development. As a result, lot clearing can bring significant benefits to affected areas. Lot cleared areas are much easier to navigate and generally safer as a result of allowing better visibility. Lot clearing can open up access to otherwise rugged or impassible areas which can provide opportunities for recreation and exploration or allow landowners access to resources in previously remote areas. Lot clearing can also help ensure that surrounding ecosystem services are provided by improving conditions necessary for their growth and development. This improves the state of rural landscapes and biodiversity whilst providing many benefits for local communities such as air quality, hydrological stability and food production. Our process for land clearing is quick and straightforward. We can haul the logs out in chunks, prepare them to be dragged out as timber, or leave them where they fall. We can also chip the brush on-site or take it away.



S&S TreeMasters

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