Emergency Tree Removal & Storm Damage

S&S TreeMasters

S&S TreeMasters

storm damage and Emergency Tree Removal

Your Emergency is Our Priority

We prioritize emergency jobs over our regular scheduled work.  We know when your house is in danger you worry about your family and pets.  We know you worry about your home and the damage that may be caused by a falling tree.  We know you want a quick resolution.  That is why your emergency becomes our emergency no matter the time of day.

Emergency Storm-Damage Tree Cleanup Services

After a storm, you want to be sure that your home is safe from large, dangerous limbs, and that your driveway is not blocked.  Our crews are trained to use specialized tools to quickly make your home safe and clear of branches, limbs and harmful trees. We offer quick service from dangerous situations and provide tree health and support after damage to a tree, upon request.

Expert Fallen Tree Cleanup in an Emergency

While working with other emergency services, we will restore your home to its pre-storm beauty and safety, and we can make recommendations for preventative care. We use professional tools, such as cranes, to remove trees and limbs while avoiding damage to your home and property.

We expertly handle many challenging situations caused by storm damage including:

  • Dangling limbs. Sometimes, storms don’t take out the whole tree. Our emergency tree-cutting service also addresses dangerous limbs that could fall unexpectedly.
  • Downed tree limbs. Even if a whole tree hasn’t come down, large tree limb cleanup is an unwieldy job for homeowners. We haul away downed limbs, branches, and other debris.
  • Trees on or near your home. Removing trees that have fallen on or near your home is delicate work. Our teams use care to avoid further damage.
  • Difficult-to-access trees. Whether it’s a downed tree leaning precariously or limbs in hard-to-reach parts of your yard, we have the equipment to get debris out safely.
  • Large-scale jobs. Storms don’t often stop at damaging one tree. Don’t sweat over how much work has to be done. Just let us handle the cleanup.

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