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S&S TreeMasters

Stump Grinding

Why do you need to grind tree stumps?


Even if your yard is neat and tidy, a stump can make it look unfinished. Stumps can also make it difficult to garden and mow. If you have a smaller yard, removing the stump can even make your yard look bigger.

Insects Love Trees

Trees are home to many insects. Rotting tree stumps continue to give them home.  Termites, ants, bees and more can take up residency in the stump.  Tree diseases can also form in tree stumps.  These insects and diseases can spread to your other trees and can even affect your home.  By grinding up the stump, you are eliminating the possibility of insects and diseases from making a home in your yard.

Tree Regrowth

Sometimes trees can continue to grow even after being cut. The only way to guarantee that they won’t regrow is to remove the stump and roots. Because of the possibility of regrowth, we recommend full removal of the tree; stump and all.

Safety Hazard

Accidents can happen with tree stumps in the yard.  Children and elderly can trip over the stump.  By removing the stump, accident related injures removed possibly saving you from expensive liability issues.


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